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Brexit legal challenger Gina Miller subjected to online death and rape threats

Gina Miller pictured outside the High Court after the successful legal challenge on triggering Article 50. Credit: PA Wire

Gina Miller, the woman behind the successful High Court challenge on triggering Article 50, has been subjected to torrents of online abuse following the ruling.

Mrs Miller, who was born in Guyana in South America, has faced death and rape threats, and well as racist abuse from online trolls.

The 51-year-old investment fund manager, who runs the firm SCM Private with her husband Alan, has been the focus of a backlash over the judgement, which ruled that the government cannot trigger Article 50 without parliament's approval.

Mrs Miller has revealed that critics have previously nicknamed her "the black widow spider".

She told the Financial Times: "That nickname is wrong on so many levels."

Mrs Miller has spent a decade campaigning for transparency in investment and pensions funds, and for reform in the charity sector.

She said her campaign work has made her unpopular, but insisted she would not let detractors affect her mission.

"But I do not and will not let other people bring me down. I believe that level of abuse means I am doing something right."