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Brexit Secretary David Davis: Article 50 will still be triggered by April

Brexit Secretary David Davis was grilled in the House of Commons. Credit: PA/House of Commons

Brexit Secretary David Davis has said Article 50 will still be triggered by April next year.

This is despite the High Court ruling that the Government cannot go ahead with its Brexit plans without Parliament's say so.

Mr Davis told MPs the Government is set to appeal the ruling in the Supreme Court in early December with a judgment being announced shortly after.

"This timetable remains consistent with our aim to trigger Article 50 by the end of March next year," Mr Davis said.

The government has insisted that it should maintain the right to trigger Article 50 using Prerogative Power. Credit: PA Wire

The Brexit minister insisted there will be no second referendum and accused opposition parties of trying to "wreck" Brexit negotiations with talk of it.

He added Britain's plan to leave the European Union would include a vote by Parliament on legislation to translate EU law into British law.

The government has maintained it has "strong legal arguments" to secure a Supreme Court appeal victory, amid reports it was drawing up a contingency draft bill to trigger Article 50 in case its appeal is unsuccessful.

Downing Street denied the reports insisting it is focused on the Supreme Court hearing.