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Touching tribute to celebrities lost in 2016 using Sergeant Pepper album cover

The photo features David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali and references Brexit and Donald Trump's election victory. Credit: @christhebarker

A touching tribute to celebrities lost in 2016 inspired by The Beatles album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band has been shared online.

The photo-shopped picture features musicians David Bowie and Prince, actors Alan Rickman and Gene Wilder and comedians Ronnie Corbett, Caroline Aherne and Victoria Wood among many other familiar faces.

The celebrities pose against a foreground of Brexit written in red flowers next to a hat with Donald Trump's slogan: "Make America Great Again."

It also features a photograph of MP Jo Cox who was killed in her constituency in June.

Twitter user "Christhebarker" created it on Tuesday only for him to have to update it days later to feature musician Leonard Cohen who died aged 82 on Friday.

He posted it online saying: "Started this. Regretted it about half way through. Bit like 2016 really..."

Eagle eyed people spotted, however, that Motorhead front man Lemmy died in 2015.

But one forum user quipped: "Yeah, but his liver didn't acknowledge the fact until the following week."