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David Cameron says he 'wonders how long Euro will last' as he casts doubt over currency

David Cameron is concerned about the future of the Euro Credit: PA

Former Prime Minister David Cameron has cast doubt over the future of the Euro.

Addressing an audience in America, the ex-Tory MP said of Europe's single currency: "I wonder how long it will last".

Cameron argued that rising populism had "cost me my job", but predicted that anti-EU movements neither in France nor the Netherlands would have electoral success, according to The Telegraph.

In his first major speech since resigning on June 23, Cameron, speaking at DePauw University in Indiana, said: "I see more trouble ahead.

"It [the Euro] is not working as it was intended".

The former PM enjoyed a game of basketball with George W. Bush Credit: Twitter/David Cameron

He said: "Some countries have seen decades of lost growth. Those countries have a single currency but they don’t have a single fiscal system, a fiscal tax system. It creates bigger differences.

"You in the United States have ways to make sure that if you have a bad year you pay less in taxes and offset federal programmes".

Cameron added that there were "no such arrangements" in Europe.

Cameron said EU leaders had to address economic concerns Credit: PA

The 50-year-old warned EU politicians that they must address the concerns of voters - particularly economic ones.

He said that if such issues were not addressed then ground would open up for more right-wing parties.

But Cameron predicted that neither Marine Le Pen in France nor anti-EU movements in the Netherlands would be successful.

Cameron's visit to the States was not all work, however, as he was also was to enjoy a game of basketball with former president George W. Bush.