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Young Afghan Lionel Messi fan in plastic shirt meets his hero

A young Afghan boy who went viral after creating a Lionel Messi shirt out of a carrier bag has met his idol.

Murtaza Ahmadi shot to fame online after he was pictured wearing makeshift shirt at the beginning of the year.

Murtaza Ahmadi with his homemade shirt.

He travelled to Qatar to meet the Barcelona captain ahead of the club's match again Al-Ahli Saudi FC.

Murtaza accompanied Messi on to the pitch and posed in the team photo.

Murtaza in the plastic bag made to look like Messi's Argentina shirt. Credit: Reuters

The young fan is from the Ghazni province in rural eastern Afghanistan and had asked his family for a shirt like his heroes.

Outside their means, his father Arif Ahmadi dressed him in a blue and white plastic bag which mimicked the Argentina colours.

Messi sent Murtaza a signed Argentina and Barcelona shirts after seeing the story. Credit: Reuters

When Messi found out he sent him two signed shirts and said he wanted to meet his young fan.

It has taken months for the pair to meet, and when it happened Murtaza did not want to walk away.

Messi walks out with Murtaza holding his hand. Credit: Spring Media

Messi was seen directing him off the pitch ahead of kick-off but the referee had to carry him off instead.

Barcelona went on to win the match 5-3.

Messi laughs after trying to direct Murtaza off the pitch. Credit: Spring Media