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Four arrested after fight involving 100 breaks out early on Christmas Day

Police were called to a disturbance at 3am and arrested four people on suspicion of public order offences. Credit: PA Wire

Four people have been arrested after a fight broke out in the early hours of Christmas day involving as many as 100 people.

Coins were thrown at officers and a number of taxi drivers were reportedly intimidated during the hour-long incident in Woking, Surrey Police said.

The suspects were arrested on suspicion of public order offences after police and unit dogs were sent to the scene in Chertsey Road following a call at around 3am.

Christmas Eve is a popular night for people to go out and socialise and the majority of party-goers have a good time and enjoy themselves.

However, festivities soured during this unpleasant event which involved a large group of people fighting in the street. A number of officers and dog units were deployed to the scene in order to disperse the group from Woking town centre with the support of the NPAS helicopter.

Officers quickly took a grip of the situation and worked hard to bring it under control effectively and safely, under challenging circumstances, which included having coins thrown at them, and by 4am the area had returned to normal.

– Superintendent Clinton Blackburn, Surrey Police

Police appealed for anyone who may have filmed the fight on their phone to contact them and for witnesses to come forward.