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Major supermarkets say they welcome shoppers wearing nightwear in stores

Two women shopping in Tesco in Salford
  • By Mariah Hedges

Shoppers have been given a green light to visit major supermarkets in their nightclothes following a row over women who visited Tesco in their pyjamas.

Retail bosses at a string of stores have told ITV News customers are welcome to wear whatever they like as they browse.

The statements follow controversy yesterday after a customer at Tesco in Salford snapped a pair of women in the aisles wearing pyjamas and dressing gowns.

The chain's bosses later said the shop had no formal policy on nightwear in store.

Today a string of other shops confirmed to ITV News they will also allow nightwear-clad shoppers in store.

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Sainsbury's confirmed the chain placed no restrictions on customers' clothes.

A spokesman said: "We welcome customers shopping in our stores and we don’t have a dress code for them."

Cut price food giant Iceland said its only rule for customers was that they didn't turn up in the nude. A spokesman said :"At Iceland we welcome all customers."

Shoppers can come and browse our aisles wearing whatever they like, as long as they are wearing something!

– Iceland

Budget supermarket Lidl confirmed: "We do not have a policy relating to customer dress code."

A spokesman for Marks and Spencer said they had never experienced problems with poorly-dressed customers.

The firm said: “We do not have a formal dress code in our stores and have not encountered any issues with shopping attire.”

Marks & Spencer said is has not 'encountered any issues' among its customers Credit: PA

Meanwhile Asda bosses said they would also welcome customers in their PJs - or any outfit they fancied as long as they weren't naked.

A spokesman said: "While we’d love all our customers to shop with us wearing head to toe George, so long as they’re not in their birthday suits we tend to leave outfit choice to them.

"After all, life’s one big catwalk!”