Jeremy Corbyn 'distancing himself from his own leadership relaunch speech'

Jeremy Corbyn Credit: PA

Even before the porridge bowls were in the dishwasher Jeremy Corbyn had "distanced himself from his own speech."

Before distracting from it altogether.

Mr Corbyn was due to relaunch his leadership today with a major speech on Brexit in which he was expected to say that "Labour is not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens as a point of principle".

This was welcome news to Labour MPs who had been crying out for him to recognise that the Brexit vote was a vote to control immigration.

But then he went on the radio and said "we're not saying anyone couldn't come" and that the right to work would be "a matter for negotiation".

The reaction from a senior Labour insider: "He's distanced himself from his own speech. I wish he'd just stick to one position."

The relaunch strategy is, apparently, to let Jeremy be Jeremy.

And sure enough there was more Jeremy to come. He said he would stand on the picket lines with Southern Rail staff (which will be massively unpopular in the South).

Then another bombshell - Jeremy Corbyn said he supports the idea of a maximum earnings limit in the UK.

It is almost completely unworkable but that doesn't mean it wouldn't prove popular with an electorate fed up with elites. All of a sudden Westminster had forgotten about the immigration comments.

It has certainly been an eye catching relaunch, and we haven't even got to his speech yet.