1. ITV Report

Cold, wet and wintry

It will be colder and increasingly wet and wintry with ice, sleet and snow in the coming 24 hours.

Temperatures will fall tonight with a chance of frost and ice in sheltered spots of the north but breezy conditions preventing a widespread, harsh frost this time.

It will stay blowy for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England with blustery downpours of rain, sleet and snow into the early hours and tomorrow but the winds will gradually ease.

Brighter to the east first thing tomorrow but going downhill across southern Britain. A soaking across southern counties, with solid, substantial rain scooting from west to east. It will be torrential across southern coastal counties with blustery winds to accompanying the wet weather, creating horrible conditions for much of the day.

Temperatures will be much lower than of later - much colder for all of us. It will be a calmer day through northern counties but bitterly cold and barely above freezing. As cold, arctic air slips in behind the rain, it'll turn to sleety, wet snow across southern and south-eastern areas, just in time for the evening rush hour.

Expect widespread (black) ice to form into Thursday night and Friday morning.

ITV Weather Presenter Lucy Verasamy