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Meet the Zoella for the older generation

Meet Tricia Cusden - the Zoella for the older generation.

She's gone from full-time grandmother of five to millionaire businesswoman in just three years.

From doing make-up tutorial vlogs, she now has her own website, Look Fabulous Forever, and make-up range for older women.

Tricia giving one of her video tutorials. Credit: Look Fabulous Forever

Tricia told ITV News: "I was 65 years old and I was sitting at home, and I just thought, you know what, I might live for another 30 years. I can't possibly spend the next 30 years sitting on my sofa.

"I've always loved business and I've always loved make-up, and I put the two together.

"I saw the possibility there were a lot of older women like me who were quite frustrated that they couldn't find the kind of products that worked well on their face now it's older.

"And I just thought, the formulations need to be different."

Tricia's make-up range. Credit: ITV News

Her online make-up tips have been watched by around three million women.

And although she sells beauty products, she's scathing about the beauty industry.

"They've had this very strong message over a number of years, which is anti-ageing.

"And the thing about being 65 is that boat has sailed. There's no point putting anti-ageing cream on - it's not going to work."

Now 69, Tricia has no intention of slowing down and is already working on a new product line and writing a book.

So has Zoella found herself a bit of competition?