Is a 'Killer Cold' spell really just around the corner?

Credit: PA

Meteorologically speaking, our first spring month is only three weeks away but, if the headlines are to be believed, "Killer Cold" is just around the corner.

The story behind the headlines is, of course, somewhat less dramatic.

In fact, we’re in familiar territory as, once again a dominating area of high pressure across eastern Europe edges west towards the UK feeding freezing air in across all parts. This area of high pressure also blocks the advance of the usual run of Atlantic frontal systems, although showers will continue to blow in from the North Sea.

As always, when the temperatures fall away, hopes (at least from little ones!) are raised of seeing some of the white stuff. It’s very possible – in fact snow was already falling around the Humber Estuary today – but it’s hard to be exact.

Sleet/snow showers rather than organised bands are currently most likely and these will tend to affect eastern areas and higher ground – although they could become more widespread over the weekend.

So expect increasingly cold conditions over the next few days with temperatures struggling to climb much above freezing - exacerbated by a biting easterly wind - and the potential for wintry showers until at least Monday. Widespread, sharp overnight frost and ice.

The Met Office have issued a cold weather warning covering the whole of England until 9am on Monday February 13.

As ever, you’re advised to stay up to date with the latest forecast.