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Snow reporter interrupted by drug-themed 'Bigfoot' on air

The reporter's serious report on severe weather ended in comical fashion. Credit: KOLR10/WWLP

A US snow reporter was left speechless by a spot of "high"-jinx when her live broadcast was interrupted by a playful 'Bigfoot' in a drug-themed costume.

Initially the camera panned away from the hairy intruder when he emerged over the reporter's left shoulder in Springfield, Massachusetts.

But the sighting of Bigfoot - or Sasquatch as the mythical forest-dwelling ape-like humanoid is also known in North America - soon became the focus of the report.

The reporter descended into hysterics as the figure slipped in the snow while closer shots showed the costume was covered in marijuana leaves.

The news programme, KOLR10 & Ozarks Local News, shared the clip on its Facebook page.

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