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Cost of a fish and chip supper could leap as shortages bite

Shortages caused by an Icelandic strike could push up prices. Credit: PA

The price of a fish and chip supper could soar as a strike by Icelandic fisherman leads to shortages across Britain, experts have warned.

Prices for cod and haddock are rising as a result of the industrial action by fisherman in a dispute with the Icelandic government.

Bosses at the major Grimsby fish market said they were receiving only around half the amount of fresh fish compared to normal - and the shortfall will most likely lead to increased prices.

"It is a question of how long the strike goes on and the longer it goes on, the worse it gets," said Martyn Boyers, chief executive of the group that operates Grimsby fish market.

"Iceland is one of the main suppliers of fish into the UK. It has hit our business particularly badly because we do rely on Icelandic fish."

In due course there will be a knock-on effect as there will be less fish available and if the demand stays the same then generally the price will go up.

– Martyn Boyers
The fish shortages come after supplies of several vegetables were hit by poor harvests. Credit: PA

It is the latest popular foodstuff to run short after poor weather led to poor harvests of a number of vegetables including courgettes, lettuces, broccolli and tomatoes.

The Icelandic dispute centres around fishermans' demands for a larger cut of the value of their catch.

Mr Boyers called on the Iceland government had to resolve the crisis with the trawlermen before prices rose in the UK.

"There is nothing we can do. I have spoken to the UK fisheries minister before and I have spoken to the Iceland Ambassador to the UK personally and they want the dispute resolved as much as we do," he said.

"It is very much an Icelandic thing and there is nothing we can do."