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Loving brother builds glassy home from 12,000 champagne bottles

The house in the Ural Mountains of western Russia has become a popular tourist attraction. Credit: APTN

A Russian builder has guaranteed himself a champagne lifestyle after constructing a house out of 12,000 empty bottles of bubbly.

But it was a family tragedy that saw Eldar Ilchibayev create the remarkable local landmark in the snowy western Ural Mountains.

The bottle house realises the ambition of his younger brother, who had come up with the idea before dying in an accident.

Ilchibayev and his father spent around two years collecting the champagne bottles, travelling to recycling sites across the region to offer beer and vodka bottles as swaps.

Neighbours also offered their empties towards a project that has become a popular spot for visitors to take photos.

Eldar Ilchibayev honoured his late brother's vision. Credit: APTN

It took more than two years for Ilchibayev to collect the bottles, which were used to fill in the house's timber frame upon its stone basement.

"The main frame is built with timber beams, they were set upright," Ilchibayev explained.

The glass bottles form the walls around the more regular glass windows. Credit: APTN

"Then the bottles were put around them, and all this was filled with waste matter and concrete.

"And we put about two, three centimetres of foam plastic between the beams and the bottles."