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Wenger to make Arsenal decision before end of season but will not retire

Arsene Wenger has said he will decide his future as Arsenal manager in March or April.

The Frenchman also confirmed that he will not retire, so will carrying on managing even if he does leave Arsenal.

Wenger, asked if he was offended by speculation about his future, continued: "No, because I'm used to it. I have a big job and I accept that..and I accept everyone can have an opinion on me."

I will be managing next season - whether it is here or somewhere else.

– Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger
Wenger will continue working. Credit: PA

Wenger's future at Arsenal has come under scrutiny following the club's 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich in midweek.

The loss means Arsenal are almost certainly out of the Champions League, leaving them only the FA Cup as a realistic trophy option.

Reflecting on the defeat, Wenger said: "The main emotion is that everybody is disappointed and we need to focus on the next game.

"We need to take care with the consequences a disappointing result can have on everyone's spirit and we need to bounce back.

"I know the media likes these kind of press conference and what is important for us is to focus on the next game while everyone else can analyse what went wrong.

"We can't influence last game, can only influence it the next time we play Bayern at home.

"Defeat did not extend into a row in the dressing room. Everyone was deeply disappointed but there was no issue in the dressing room."