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Dramatic video shows car crashing into shop and hitting customer

A customer at a petrol station in New York has had a lucky escape after a car crashed through the window and crushed him between two shelves.

CCTV footage shows the man walking through the Mobil Mart in the Bronx, New York on Monday shortly before the incident takes place.

The man puts some items on the counter, and even glances up at the approaching vehicle as he continues to walk down another aisle, before the car comes plowing through the glass and hits him.

A car crashed through the window of a petrol station in New York. Credit: Eurovision

Despite the massive impact, the customer is seen wiggling out of the debris and walking away after apparently escaping serious injury.

Emergency services reportedly arrived on the scene within minutes, and the store owner said the customer was able to walk to the ambulance.

The customer in the shop was squashed between shelves by the car. Credit: Eurovision

A woman reportedly got out of the car and was also not thought to be seriously hurt.

The crash demolished the shop's front window and several shelves but no information on what caused it has been released yet.