Congress address was Trump's best speech yet but it showed America's divisions

This was the President's most significant speech - and certainly his best - since he took office. The address to a joint session of Congress was branded by the White House as proof of the "renewal of the American spirit."

In fact, what it really showed was the depth of America's division.

Repeatedly, Donald Trump was wildly cheered by Republicans, and listened to in stony and often angry silence by Democrats.

Overall, whatever you think of Trump, this was a politically adept speech - a sanitised, more nuanced version of his wilder campaign rhetoric.

He reassured mainstream Republicans while giving encouragement to his core base of supporters.

Yes, there will be a wall. Yes, millions of jobs will be returning to the American heartland. But this can only be achieved if America works together and there is national unity.

That's quite a plea from the most divisive president for a generation.

The most remarkable and emotional moment was President Trump's tribute to a US commando who died in a recent mission in Yemen.

Carryn Owens, the wife of William “Ryan” Owens, had tears streaming down her face as Trump praised her husband's service and sacrifice. But critics of the military operation - including Owens' father, who was not in the chamber and who has refused to shake hands with Trump - say that there needs to be a thorough investigation into what went wrong.

After the opening 40 days of the administration, this speech achieved its immediate objective: It stabilised the Trump Presidency.

But the questions won't go away.

What replaces Obama's healthcare policy? What is the future of millions of undocumented workers? What is America's foreign policy - in fact, does it even have a foreign policy?

The battles have only just begun. But Trump wakes up strengthened after this speech. And even his most vocal critics will concede - at least in private - that this was far better in tone than the dark and pessimistic address he gave at the Inauguration.