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Birthday card traded between father and daughter for 33 years 'lost in post'

A sentimental birthday card which has been sent between a father and daughter for 33 years has gone missing.

Claire Fuller has been exchanging the card, which has a cartoon picture of a sad duck on it, with her dad every year after she first sent it to him in 1984.

Her father Stephen added a message to it, returning the card for her 18th birthday in 1985, and the pair have been trading the card ever since.

Claire Fuller and her father Stephen Credit: Claire Fuller

Mr Fuller posted the card on February 10 and the 78-year-old was "gutted" when his daughter told him it didn't arrive.

She wrote an appeal for the card on Facebook, saying: "It never arrived. I am heart-broken. Has anyone seen this card?"

She told ITV News: "It's sad, because it's just a piece of our history, our relationship, and it'd be so lovely to have it back. "Every time my birthday cards arrive, that's the one I really look forward to."

The card is full of greeting messages from over the years Credit: Claire Fuller

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "Every item of mail is important to us

" We appreciate the sentimental value of this card and are seeing if we can trace it. We would always advise customers sending valuables or cash through the post to use a tracked service."