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'It's a ghetto': Sturgeon's constituents warn referendum distracting her from pressing issues

  • Video report by ITV News Scotland Correspondent Peter Smith

Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of failing to deal with the "ghetto" conditions in her own constituency as she pushes for a second Scottish independence referendum.

As the first minister set out her case for a new independence vote in the Scottish Parliament today, residents in her Glasgow constituency showed ITV News around areas they described as a "slum".

They said Ms Sturgeon needs to concentrate on getting her own house in order before campaigning for independence.

Liz Crosbie described the area as a 'slum'. Credit: ITV News

Local residents who spoke to ITV News Scotland Correspondent Peter Smith said they did not place the blame for the conditions solely at Ms Sturgeon's door. But while many voted for independence last time, they said they would have second thoughts now.

"It's a slum, it's a ghetto," Liz Crosbie said, adding that the first minister appeared "distracted" by her referendum campaign.

"If she can't get her own constituency in order, what chance have we got of running the country?" added Frances Stojilkovic.

We were shown around parts of the first minister's constituency. Credit: ITV News

Following two days of debate, the Scottish Parliament is expected to back Ms Sturgeon's call for another referendum in a vote on Wednesday evening.

Ms Sturgeon insisted it would be "wrong, unfair and utterly unsustainable" for Westminster to deny Scotland a second independence referendum if MSPs back her call for another ballot to be held.

The SNP leader wants another vote to take place between autumn next year and spring 2019, when she says there will be clarity over the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

Theresa May has declared ''now is not the time'' for another ballot, indicating the UK Government will reject the SNP's preferred timetable.

The Scottish Parliament will vote on plans for a referendum on Wednesday. Credit: PA