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Power Rangers makes film history with openly gay Ranger

The Power Rangers cast Credit: PA

The new Power Rangers film will have an openly gay superhero character in what is thought to be a first in the history of cinema.

The big-screen version of the popular 90s TV show reveals that yellow ranger Trini, played by actress Becky G, has "girlfriend problems", according to early reviews of the film.

Director Dean Israelite said the moment was "pivotal" to the film, which is released in the UK on Friday 24 March.

He told the Hollywood Reporter: "For Trini, really she's questioning a lot about who she is.

"She hasn't fully figured it out yet. I think what's great about that scene and what that scene propels for the rest of the movie is, 'That's OK'.

"The movie is saying, 'That's OK' and all of the kids have to own who they are and find their tribe."

Becky G will play the role of Trini, who is questioning her sexuality Credit: PA

The character's open sexuality was welcomed by actor David Yost, who played the blue Ranger in the TV series, and is gay.

"I think so many people in the LGBTQI community are going to be excited to see that representation," he told the Hollywood Reporter.

It was revealed earlier this month that the live-action version of Beauty And The Beast includes Disney's first "gay moment" for a character.

The film was subsequently banned in Malaysia, while Russian officials said that it violated the country's law banning "gay propaganda".