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British Olympic Association signs training venue contracts for 2020 Olympics

Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics Credit: PA

The British Olympic Association has signed training venue contracts with three sports facilities in Japan ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The sites will make up the BOA’s biggest ever pre-Games preparation camp and be able to accommodate up to 90% of Team GB’s selected athletes for the Games.

Securing world-class training venues for our athletes plays a crucial role in gaining those final performance advantages in the run up to a Games.

We know the value in providing a world leading preparation camp with 21 medals yielded from athletes who travelled through Belo Horizonte last year as the camp played its part in Team GB’s history-making success.

– Bill Sweeney, BOA Chief Executive

Having these facilities as dedicated venues for Team GB ahead of the Games is great news for our athletes and further evidence that the British Olympic Association is a world leader in preparing a multi-sport team for an Olympic Games.

– Sir Hugh Robertson, Chairman of the BOA