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Hatton Garden heist inspires new film featuring Larry Lamb

The infamous Hatton Garden heist is now the subject of a new film which tells the story of the group of elderly men who pulled off what has been called the largest burglary in English legal history.

The burglary took place over Easter weekend in 2015, and saw some of the men pose as workmen and then drill their way into the vault, before making off with jewellery and other valuables.

The men planned meticulously Credit: Fiction Films

The men were experienced thieves and had meticulously planned the £200 million heist.

All but one of them was eventually imprisoned.

Even the judge at the trial remarked that the burglary was in a "class of its own".

In fact, The Hatton Garden Job, which stars Larry Lamb as ringleader Brian Reader, is just one of three films that focuses on the extraordinary heist.

The men drilled through 50cm of concrete to get the jewellery Credit: ITV News