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British government tests confirm sarin was used in Syria attack

Syrian doctors treating a child following a suspected chemical attack

The British government has confirmed sarin "or a sarin like substance" has been detected in samples taken from the Syrian province where more than 80 people were killed in a suspected chemical attack last week.

It is "highly likely" the Assad regime is responsible, said UK ambassador to the UN Matthew Rycroft.

Chemical weapons scientists at Porton Down in the United Kingdom have analysed samples obtained from Khan Shaykhun, these have tested positive for the nerve agent Sarin, or a Sarin like substance.

The United Kingdom therefore shares the US assessment that it is highly likely that the regime was responsible for a Sarin attack on Khan Shaykhun on the 4th April.

– Matthew Rycroft, UK's ambassador to the UN

The news was delivered to a meeting of the UN Security Council on Wednesday, where Russia said it would vote against a Western-drafted resolution condemning the reported use of chemical weapons and calling for an international inquiry

Heated scenes erupted when Mr Rycroft accused Moscow of siding with "a murderous, barbaric criminal, rather than with their international peers."

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Russia's deputy United Nations ambassador Vladimir Safronkov, who demanded Mr Rycroft look at him while he was speaking, responded: "I cannot accept that you insult Russia."

It's not the first time the pair have clashed over the issue in the past week.