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Massive mound of rubbish crushes 22 people in Sri Lanka

Local people work to clear the rubble Credit: AP

At least 22 people were killed when a massive mound of rubbish collapsed during festivities to mark the local new year in Sri Lanka.

There are fears another 20 people could still be buried under the debris after the waste fell in the poor neighbourhood of Meetotamulla, just outside the capital Colombo.

More than 600 others fled their homes when the rubbish collapsed.

Around 75 people are being sheltered in a nearby school, the country's Disaster Management Centre said.

Soldiers are still searching the site to ensure nobody was buried under the enormous heap which fell on Friday night.

Houses are buried beneath the mound of rubbish Credit: AP

The site had been used to dump Colombo's garbage for the past few years as authorities sought to give a face-lift to the capital.

Residents living in tiny homes in the area had been protesting against waste being dumped there because of health hazards.