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Ex-UN worker 'robbed banks on his lunch breaks'

Abdullahi Shuaibu is alleged to be the man in this CCTV footage. Credit: NYPD

A former United Nations worker allegedly carried out a string of daylight bank robberies during his lunch breaks.

Police in New York say Abdullahi Shuaibu robbed a HSBC bank on Monday before returning to work afterwards.

The 53-year-old has also been linked to three other bank robberies in the US city over the past month, NBC New York reported.

In each case case he is said to have passed a written note to bank employees demanding money.

Abdullahi Shuaibu was arrested in connection with the robberies. Credit: NBC New York

Officers said surveillance footage showed Shuaibu carrying out the robberies while on the telephone, using white-tipped gloves.

He has now been charged with two counts of robbery and two counts of attempted robbery.

Shuaibu is believed to have worked for the UN for two months in 2013 - but was no longer employed there.

He was reported to have been working for a Nigerian press agency outside a UN building in New York at the time of his arrest.