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'I don't know how to thank him' says London Marathon runner carried over line by stranger

Matthew Rees helped David Wyeth over the finish line Credit: Virgin Money London Marathon

The London Marathon runner who was carried across the finish line by a complete stranger has said he doesn't know how to thank him.

David Wyeth collapsed just 200m from the end, but fellow runner Matthew Rees gave up his own race time to help him.

Credit: PA
The two men stand together with their medals. Credit: ITV News

And as the pair were reunited, Matthew said the moment he crossed the finish line with David would "live with him forever".

"It's a marathon I'll never forget, and crossing the line with David was a special moment," he told ITV News.

David Wyeth said he knew his body was giving up. Credit: ITV News

"I was aware that I wasn't going in a straight line, which is quite an alarming scenario to be in, you know you're not in control. That was a sure sign that my body was packing in."

He added: "I don't know how to thank David really. He's just a gentleman and such a decent guy to have done what he did."

Matthew Rees helped David to finish the race. Credit: ITV News

But Matthew remained modest, saying: "People say the marathon is competitive.

"But if someone is struggling you're going to help them."