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When will you grow up? 'Average age' revealed

A man tries to do a headstand on Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse. Credit: PA

The average Briton does not consider themselves to be a grown up until the age of 27, according to a new survey.

Of those surveyed, just one in 10 adults in the UK - across all age groups - still do not feel grown up.

Some 55% of those questioned by Nationwide Current Accounts said feeling like a fully mature adult depends on reaching particular milestones.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Gareth Bale have all grown up in the spotlight, but do the 27 year olds consider themselves grown up? Credit: PA

These include having children (22%), moving out of their parents' house (21%), getting married (14%) and securing their first job (12%).

The survey questioned 2,000 people and found 90% of adults who considered themselves grown up, 50% said they this happened in their 20s, 21% in their 30s and 5% said this happened in their 40s.