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British tourist injured by falling hammock in New York

The large wooden hammock that struck the woman Credit: AP

A British tourist has been injured by a hammock that fell from a five-storey skyscraper in New York.

Witnesses say the woman, 48, was hit when a hammock tied to the terrace of a luxury rental building was blown off by the wind, NBC News reported.

She was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan and was later described as in a "fair" condition.

The woman is on holiday with her husband, who was not injured. The pair were strolling to the World Trade Center when the hammock fell from the roof in Church Street, in Tribeca, at 5pm on Tuesday.

The woman's husband screamed "it hit her, it hit her", according to witnesses.

"I heard the noise, I turned back around and there was a hammock and a lady lying on the floor," witness Danny Gallagher said, according to NBC News.

"She looked like she was in shock. Her eyes were batting a few times, she wasn't talking," he said. "She was trying to move, but we were telling her not to move."

The woman was conscious and reported pain in her head and back.

Police believe the hammock, which is thought to be about 12 feet long with a wooden frame, was dislodged by strong winds.

Building owners in New York City are advised to secure loose, lightweight objects when wind gusts are above 45 mph. However, no advisory was issued on Tuesday because wind gusts were expected to be about 25 mph.