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'Rage room' where you can smash things opens

  • Watch Good Morning's Katy Rickett smash up an alarm clock

A gaming centre in Birmingham has opened a "rage room" where customers can blow off steam by destroying things with a baseball bat.

It will set you back £20 per half hour to smash five small items to pieces.

Customers can add extras such as beer bottles and food jars at £1 a go, or bigger items such as keyboards for £5 each.

Owner Jim Sephton told Good Morning Britain most customers come to "relax" and it's not usually angry people taking part.

The alarm clock takes a beating. Credit: GMB

The room was launched by Grange Live Gaming at a redeveloped warehouse site on Holloway Head.

The site has been renamed as Bravo House and is being redeveloped floor by floor into an "immersive" gaming experience.

There is also a zombie experience, airsoft shooting, archery war, sword fighting and Victorian self defence on site.