99 days of Trump: Rhetoric and hyperbole persist, but what - if anything - has been achieved?

It's Trump's 99th day in office Credit: AP

This is Day 99. And Trump - true to form - is signing a controversial executive order, speaking to the National Rifle Association, and giving bizarre interviews from the Oval Office.

Welcome to the Donald Trump Presidency.

It has been mix of a volcanic eruption, a twitter tsunami and a maelstrom of divisive political gamesmanship. Not a lot has been achieved, but there is still an atmosphere of manic activity and hyper-partisanship.

Many Americans of all political persuasions appear emotionally exhausted even before we reach the 100 Day mark tomorrow.

There could be no greater contrast to the years of No-Drama Obama. Now everything is a drama. Even supposedly mundane press briefings are high-octane, high-risk, must-watch TV events.

The Court of Donald Trump is like a medieval kingship, complete with fiercely competing courtiers, fawning acolytes, clashing egos, raw ambition, and - at the centre of it - vanity and wealth on a vast scale.

Another day, another executive order Credit: AP

On domestic policy, everything is hyperbole. Trump has installed one of the greatest jurists in American history on the Supreme Court. The largest tax cuts ever proposed are coming down the track. There could be a "major, major" conflict with North Korea. Foreign countries - even close allies - are "ripping off" America, stealing jobs, robbing the country blind.

Cruise missiles have been fired, carrier strike groups have been deployed, a military build-up promised, a travel ban enacted (before being overturned by the courts), and Pyongyang put on notice.

But you could equally say that it's all smoke and mirrors.

Healthcare reform has made no progress whatsoever, the wall along the Mexican border has not been extended by an inch, deportations have not been accelerated, and NATO is back at the cornerstone of US security policy.

Russia remains an adversary, China a competitor, Britain a key ally. What's so different beyond the rhetoric?

Will this Presidency be normalized over the coming months? Or will it continue to be the maverick roller-coaster administration we've witnessed so far?

In truth, no one knows - not even Trump himself. This week, to add to the head-shaking complexity, the President proudly declared himself to be both a nationalist and a globalist.

What we can say is that America has survived 99 days. That means we have 2,200 to go of this tumultuous first term.

Or, to put it another way (take a deep breath), we are only 7.6923% of our way through the Trump Presidency.