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Sturgeon: Don't let Scotland be 'dragged back by Tories'

Sturgeon said the SNP were the only ones who could make Scotland's voices heard Credit: Jane Barlow/PA

Nicola Sturgeon has called on voters to make sure that "Scotland's voice is heard" and that they are not "dragged back by the Tories" when they cast their ballots in the upcoming election.

The Scottish first minister told party activists in Glasgow the Conservatives must not be given a "free hand to do whatever they want to Scotland" as she pledged a vote for the SNP would deliver a "strong voice for Scotland".

She said: "In the General Election on June 8 we must make sure that Scotland's voice is heard and it is heard loudly and clearly.

"Make no mistake, this General Election really matters to the future of our country.

"It will determine whether Scotland continues to move forward or is dragged back by the Tories and it will ensure that the decisions about the future of our country, whatever that turns out to be, is taken here by the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people, not by an increasingly hard-line right wing Tory government at Westminster."

Stating that she did not believe Labour were capable of winning the majority of votes next month Ms Sturgeon put her party forward as the only party capable of posing a "real and effective opposition".

Following Ms Sturgeon's speech Scottish Conservative candidate Selkirk John Lamont said "the SNP is clearly rattled" and Scottish Lib Dem general election campaign chair, Alex Cole-Hamilton claimed the party was in "abject disarray".