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British cyclist Chris Froome 'rammed' on pavement by driver in France

Chris Froome said he was 'rammed on purpose by an impatient driver'. Credit: PA/Chris Froome

Chris Froome tweeted a photo of his ruined bike after a drive in France 'rammed' into the cyclist on the pavement.

The three-time Tour de France winner says the 'impatient driver' didn't stop after the incident.

Kenyan-born Froome said he was fine after the crash which took place in the south-east of France but his the state of his bike indicated the level of impact suffered.

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His bike, which is worth around £9,000, suffered damage to both wheels and the frame so cannot be salvaged.

Froome is expected to ride in this year's Tour de France, as he looks to secure a fourth title.

A number of his followers tweeted Froome to show their support for the British cyclist.

Froome lives in Monaco with his wife and child, close to where the incident supposedly took place on Tuesday morning.