UK could send more troops to Afghanistan

  • Video report by ITV News Political Correspondent Carl Dinnen

It's a tricky time for Theresa May to be sending troops anywhere - but Nato have asked anyway.

I understand a request for more personnel for Afghanistan was received in the last couple of weeks and is being looked at.

The chances are that Britain will add to its contingent of 500, currently training and mentoring Afghan forces. But perhaps not by much.

An increase of 150 or so would seem the upper limit.

The reason for the request is that the Afghan National Army are struggling against a resurgent Taliban, and the US military wants several thousand more troops to prop them up.

But President Trump is unlikely to be talked into that unless other Nato allies also contribute.

Tonight Lord Richards, former Chief of the Defence Staff, told ITV News the request for more support showed that Britain and America had wound down their commitment to Afghanistan too quickly, before the Afghans were really ready to take over.