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Labour 'unanimously agrees' on manifesto hours after 'leak'

  • Video report by ITV News' Rachel Younger

Labour's shadow cabinet and national executive committee have "unanimously agreed" on the party's manifesto, just hours after a supposed draft of the manifesto was leaked.

Speaking after the emergency meeting, Jeremy Corbyn said that the manifesto will be presented in the next few days.

The Labour leader continued that the costs of promises and pledges made in the manifesto will be included in it.

The 67-year-old promised that the manifesto will present "very popular" policies that will "transform the lives of many people in the country" by "giving everyone in our society a decent opportunity and a decent chance".

The "leaked manifesto" revealed major nationalisation pledges and plans for radical reforms to the NHS, education sector and housing policies.

Some of the pledges in the reportedly leaked manifesto included:

  • Abolish tuition fees
  • Re-nationalise energy industry, railways, Royal Mail and bus firms
  • Extra £6 billion for NHS per year and £8 billion for social care
  • 100,000 new council houses per year
  • No exit from European Union without a trade deal
  • Scrap plans to raise pension age
  • No target on cutting immigration
  • Introduce an "excessive pay levy on companies with high numbers of staff on very high pay"
  • Power transfers from bosses to trade unions
  • Compensation for WASPI women
  • Triple lock for all pensioners
  • 60% of energy from renewables by 2030

The policies are aimed at winning over voters in marginal constituencies, such as Telford, Shropshire, where the Conservatives won by just a few hundred votes in 2015.

Political correspondent Paul Brand went to find out how people there feel now they know what Labour is offering.

  • Video report by political correspondent Paul Brand