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British backpacker 'accidentally hanged' herself after argument with boyfriend

Abi Brown 'accidentally hanged' herself, an inquest heard. Credit: Family handout/PA

A British backpacker "accidentally hanged" herself following an argument with her boyfriend while the pair were on holiday in Thailand, an inquest has heard.

Abi Brown, from Waterlooville, Hampshire, had been on a night out in Phuket with her partner, James Brum, when she returned to their apartment following an argument.

When Mr Brum, 30, returned later he found the former PA unconscious.

A post-mortem found the 26-year-old had died of asphyxiation.

Coroner Samantha Marsh recorded a verdict of death by misadventure at the inquest in Portsmouth.

Miss Brown's mother, Jane Rowland, said she believed her daughter's actions were a moment of "folly" and she had not intended to end her life.

The 50-year-old added that while Ms Brown's family would "always be saddened" by her death, "a lesson" could be "learnt" from it, as she warned of the dangers of visiting countries where alcohol is sold "cheaply and unregulated".

Abi Brown's mother described her as 'gregarious and with a zest for life'. Credit: Family handout/PA

In a statement released through the Red Lipstick Foundation, which supports families bereaved by suicide or the sudden death of young people, Ms Rowland said: "We will always be saddened by the death of our beautiful daughter Abi.

"There is no-one to blame for this moment of folly.

"But there is a lesson to be learnt.

"When young people travel to these hot exciting places with cheap unregulated alcohol, they need to look out for each other and always stay safe.

"I can only come to the conclusion that on that night she had too much to drink, was upset and only meant to make James aware how upset she was. I truly believe that Abi never meant the outcome to be fatal...

"Abi was a gregarious, fun-loving girl with a zest for life. She could be in a moment and take you with her.

"She was thoughtful and generous and had wanderlust.

"She had a wide network of friends and kept in close contact with them. We had a close relationship, she always told me everything."

After Miss Brown's death, her brother Will Rowland posted on Facebook: "i honesty couldnt of asked for a better older sis she always excelled in everything and allways kept me and everyone around her so so proud! words cant describe how much she will be missed and how much she meant to us all, i have lost a big part of me and my life, abi was honesty one of a kind still cant believe it, iloveyou big sis allways!"

After her funeral, Mr Brum posted: "It was clear how much she was loved by the sheer number of people that attended her Celebration of Life today. This is just a testament to how bright she shined and how many lives she touched."