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Sri Lanka floods and mudslides kill 165 people

People being evacuated after their town was hit by floods Credit: AP

Floods and mudslides in Sri Lanka have killed at least 165 people.

Helicopters are searching for survivors who may be marooned after a weekend of heavy rain.

More than half a million are thought to have been displaced by the twin disasters.

The state-run Disaster Management Center said the flooding was the worst since torrential rains soaked the island nation in 2003.

Whole towns are underwater Credit: AP

With more rain expected Monday, rescuers were racing to evacuate people from the most vulnerable areas.

Already more than 100,000 have taken shelter in 339 relief camps set up in the south and west.

Villagers have begun burying the dead Credit: AP

Army boats skimmed waterlogged streets, while able-bodied flood victims waded through brackish waters to army trucks carrying relief supplies.

Officials say at least 104 people are still missing.

An Indian naval ship arrived in Colombo on Saturday with medical teams and relief supplies.