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Theresa May says Jeremy Corbyn is 'not prepared' to be prime minister or hold Brexit talks

Mrs May criticised Jeremy Corbyn's ability to lead the country. Credit: PA

Theresa May says Monday's live TV grilling showed Jeremy Corbyn is "not prepared" to lead the country or conduct Brexit talks.

Describing Mr Corbyn's position on Brexit Mrs May said it would leave him "alone and naked in the negotiating chamber" with the European Union.

Speaking in Wolverhampton, Mrs May said that, with Brexit talks due to begin just 11 days after the June 8 election, the "revealing" TV broadcast on Channel 4/Sky News had shown that "I am ready to go. Jeremy Corbyn is not".

Referring back to Mr Corbyn's performance when questioned by Jeremy Paxman and a studio audience, Mrs May said: "He is not prepared to use the nuclear deterrent.

"He is not prepared to take action against terrorists. He is not prepared to give the police the powers they need to keep us safe.

The Tory leader said she is prepared to begin the Brexit negotiation talks "from day one". Credit: PA

Mrs May said she would be ready "from day one" to work on a new "deep and special relationship" with the EU, while Mr Corbyn had "no plan for Brexit".

Mrs May accused Mr Corbyn of adopting seven different approaches to leaving the EU, having first made a "reckless" call for talks under Article 50 to be triggered on day one after the referendum.

The Conservative leader said he was promising to tear up the Government's Brexit white paper and ditch its Great Repeal Bill, setting back the process of negotiation further.

Mrs May warned: "This is not time for a weak government and a weak leader to be making it up as they go along, particularly not when that leader has shown poor judgment and weak leadership throughout the process so far."

Mrs May said the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was "not prepared" to lead the country. Credit: PA

Mr Corbyn's decision to rule out walking out of Brexit talks without a deal "means being willing to accept any deal, however bad, signing up to any bill, however vast, accepting any terms, however unreasonable," she said.

"It means signing up to Britain being governed by EU laws and EU courts for years to come, so that we have no control over our laws, to free movement continuing indefinitely.

"So we have no control over our borders, and paying what Europe wants us to pay, so we have no control over our money either.

"As always with Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, the shambles and the responsibility would be theirs but the consequences and the bill would be ours."

Mrs May said that in an era of shock election results voting for any party other than the Conservatives would be "too big a risk to take" for those who did not want to see the Labour leader in 10 Downing Street.