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Trump: I'm 100% willing to testify about Comey's claims

President Trump says he is willing to go under oath to give his version of events. Credit: AP

Donald Trump has said he is "100% willing to testify" about claims made by former FBI chief James Comey.

The US president said he would go under oath to give his version of what happened between him and the FBI Director he fired.

Earlier this week Mr Comey gave evidence before a US Senate hearing about Mr Trump and his alleged links with Russia.

He claimed the Trump team had told "lies, plain and simple" and also accused Mr Trump of defaming him and the reputation of the FBI.

Mr Comey also claimed he took memos of his meetings with the president as he was concerned Mr Trump may lie about what was discussed.

James Comey taking the oath before giving evidence. Credit: AP

The president insists Mr Comey lied in parts of his testimony.

One of the "lies" Mr Trump says Mr Comey told was that he had "pressured him" into dropping an investigation into former national security adviser Mike Flynn.

Mr Trump claimed he never said he hoped the investigation into Mr Flynn would go away.

He added he never asked Mr Comey to pledge his loyalty to him, as was claimed.

"Nobody would ask a man he hardly knew to pledge loyalty to him," he said.