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Inside Grenfell Tower: the horrific scenes facing firefighters

Images from inside Grenfell Tower show the scenes facing firefighters who searched the London tower block looking for survivors of Wednesday's devastating fire.

Pictures obtained by ITV News show how rooms have been reduced to charred debris and rubble, with only the burnt remains of cookers, washing machines and radiators indicating these were once family homes.

Inside one of the flats in Grenfell Tower

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton warned the recovery operation at the 1970s-built tower in north Kensington could take weeks.

On Thursday crews were working to make the 24-storey building safe as an "unknown numbers" of bodies remain in the tower.

Windows have been completely burn out

Ms Cotton confirmed that the core of the building is structurally sound but said firefighters have been unable to progress into rooms in the flats or reach the top floors of the block.

Specialist search dogs are being used to help locate those missing.

Entire rooms reduced to rubble

Ms Cotton said around half of the building has been searched in detail, but added: "It is the upper floors which will be more challenging and will need some additional shoring up for us to be able to get in there."

Firefighters are sifting through the rubble in the building

Seventeen people have been confirmed dead following the fire but the death toll is still expected to rise, with firefighters saying they do not expect to find anymore survivors inside the building.

There are 30 people are being treated in hospitals across London, with 15 in critical care.

Firefighters battle through the devastation
  • Anyone concerned about family and friends can contact the Metropolitan Police casualty bureau on 0800 0961 233

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