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Grenfell Tower fire: Who are the victims?

As many as 80 people died or are missing feared dead in the Grenfell Tower fire disaster.

So far 59 people have been officially identified, but not all have been named by police at the request of the families.

Here is what we know about those who are confirmed to have died in the tragedy.

  • Majorie Vital
Majorie Vital, 68, is the latest victim to be formally identified by police. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Majorie Vital was living on the 19th floor of the tower block when the disaster took place.

In a statement her family said: "Majorie was 68 years old and she had worked in the textile industry for many years.

"She was a beautiful, joyful, independent, intelligent, kind hearted, sensitive individual who dedicated her life to her children.

"She carried herself with dignity and extended her warmth to family and friends.

"Through her creativity and joy of life she was an inspiration to many of us.

"She has been prematurely and dramatically taken from this world and will be sadly missed by family and friends, both here in the UK and abroad."

  • Yahya Hashim
Yahya Hasim is one of the child victims of the Grenfell fire. Credit: Met Police

Aged just 13, Yahya Hasim is one of the child victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

His aunt said her "loving, kind and pure hearted" nephew wanted to be a religious teacher when he grew up.

In a statement, she added: "I am so sorry that you had to leave this way. I am so sorry you went through so much.

"I love you to the end and will miss you forever."

  • Zainab Deen
Police confirmed Zainab Deen died in the June 14 fire. Credit: Met Police

Zainab's father Zainu and Maria Deen learned of the 32-year-old's death as they still await confirmation of their grandson's suspected death in the fire.

"It is with great sadness that we can confirm we have been notified by the police that our daughter Zainab Deen died in the tragic Grenfell Tower fire," they said.

"Zainab has been missing with her son, our grandchild, Jeremiah, who we still await news on."

Originally from Sierra Leone, Ms Deen was described as a "beautiful, loving lady" when a group of friends gathered near Grenfell Tower to pay tribute to her.

Isha Thomas, a friend of Ms Deen, said she believed the 32-year-old was following advice not to leave the building, adding: "She was on the phone to her brother until four in the morning."

She added: "We are just devastated. I just want them (authorities) to answer. We need answers, we need to know what happened."

  • Isaac Paulos
Isaac is the youngest victim named so far. Credit: Met Police

One of the youngest victims of the Grenfell fire has been named as five-year-old Isaac Paulos.

The youngster, who lived on the 18th floor, choked to death on fumes, an inquest heard.

His body was found on the 13th floor, indicating he had tried to escape, but he had to be identified by his dental records.

His family said: "Isaac our beloved son was taken from us when he was only five years old.

"We will all miss our kind, energetic, generous little boy. He was such a good boy who was loved by his friends and family.

"We will miss him forever, but we know God is looking after him now and that he is safe in heaven."

  • Belkadi family
Six-month-old Leena Belkadi was found dead in her mother's arms.

Six-month-old Leena Belkadi was found dead in her mother Farah's arms.

They were discovered between the 19th and 20th floors where they lived.

Leena's eight-year-old sister Malak was rescued from the 20th floor but died later in hospital. Their father Omar Belkad also died in the blaze.

Taxmin, six, is the only one of the family to survive the blaze.

  • Mohammad al-Haj Ali
Mohammad al-Haj Ali was the first Grenfell victim to be identified.

The 23-year-old refugee was the first person to be identified as having died in the fire.

Mohammad al-Haj Ali fled the war in Syria, only to be killed in a fire in London.

He was with his brother Omar when the fire broke out but returned to his 14th floor flat after being overwhelmed by the smoke.

Mr al-Haj Ali was then trapped and knowing he was going to die desperately tried to call his family in Syria.

His last message read: "The fire is here now, goodbye."

The post-mortem found his injuries were consistent with jumping out the building.

A funeral was held for him at the Whitechapel Mosque in east London on June 21.

He said: 'The fire is coming inside the flat. I will die'.

And he was trying to call his family, just to say the last few words. But you know the condition in Syria, the situation there, it's not always available just to call your family.

– Abdullah Hourani, friend of Mohammad al-Haj Ali
  • Khadija Saye
The art photographer was celebrating taking part in the Venice Biennale. Credit: Twitter/Khajida Saye

Promising art photographer Ya-Haddy Sisi Saye, known as Khadija Saye, was on the 20th floor with her mother Mary Mendy when the fire struck.

Tottenham MP David Lammy, a friend of the family, paid tribute to the 24-year-old in a post describing her as a "beautiful soul".

"May you rest in peace Khadija Saye," he wrote on Twitter.

"God bless your beautiful soul. My heart breaks today. I mourn the tragic loss of a wonderful young woman."

Ms Saye had been building a career as an art photographer and her work is currently on display at the Venice Biennale.

She celebrated in a post saying: "It's been a real journey, but mama, I'm an artist exhibiting in Venice and the blessings are abundant!"

Fellow artist Nicola Green said Ms Saye was last heard from at 3am on the night of the fire when she wrote on Facebook that she and her mother were trapped.

"She was saying she just can't get out and: 'Please pray for me. There's a fire in my council block. I can't leave the flat. Please pray for me and my mum'."

  • Mary Mendy
Mary Mendy died along with her daughter Khadija.

Khadija Saye's mother, 52-year-old Mary Mendy, was also among the victims of the Grenfell fire.

Her sister Betty Jackson said in a statement on behalf of the family: "My beloved sister, words can never describe the pain of losing you. I can't believe you are gone.

"You were a wonderful sister, an incredible aunt, the best mother any child could have wished for. You were an amazing friend to all those who knew you.

"Your heart was pure, your soul was one of a kind. You will be missed for a life time. You will remain forever in our hearts. You and your beautiful daughter Khadija Saye.

"From your sister, brothers, nieces and nephews.”

  • Gloria Trevisan
Gloria Trevisan was living on the 23rd floor of the block with her partner.

Italian architect Gloria Trevisan was found on the 23rd floor where she had been living with her partner Marco Gottardi.

The 26-year-old called her parents to say goodbye after the smoke and flames cut off any hope of getting out.

Both her and her partner have been confirmed dead by authorities.

  • Anthony Disson
Mr Disson died before he could meet his latest grandchild.

Anthony Disson, 65, died without ever meeting one of his grandchildren.

He is reported to have lived on the 10th floor and his wife Cordelia, Lee and three other sons were searching for him after the blaze.

In a statement, his family said: "Our family are devastated at receiving the news that Tony sadly did not survive the fire at Grenfell Tower.

"Tony leaves behind a large family, his wife, sons and grandchildren, including one grandchild he will never get to meet.

"We miss him terribly, and are pulling together as a family and trying to stay strong under these tragic circumstances. We ask at this time that our family are left to grieve in private."

  • Khadija Khalloufi
Khadija died after becoming separated from her husband.

Moroccan Khadija Khalloufi, 52, lived on the 17th floor of the building with her retired lecturer husband Sabah Abdullah, 72.

The couple fled the building together but she lost her grip on his hand and they became separated.

Tragically, she is thought to have died just 50 feet away from where he was waiting for her outside.

  • Begum family
The whole Begum family is thought to have perished in the fire.

Four members of a family of five who lived on the 17th floor are confirmed to have died.

Rabeya Begum, 64, Mohammed Hamid, 27, Mohammed Hanif, 26 and Husna Begum, 22, were found on the 17th floor of the building and died from injuries "consistent with the effects of fire".

It is not yet clear what happened to the remaining member of the family - reported to be Komru Miah, 82.

At 81, Ali Yawar Jafari is thought to be one of the oldest Grenfell victims.

One of the oldest victims was 81-year-old Ali Yawar Jafari.

He lost contact with his wife and daughter while trying to escape.

Firefighters managed to pull him from the blaze but he died from breathing in smoke and heart problems.

  • Mohamednur Tuccu
Mohamednur Tuccu's wife and daughter may also have perished in the fire.

Mohamednur Tuccu, 44, did not live in the tower but was visiting relatives with his wife and three-year-old daughter. Both are still missing.

  • Mohamed Amied Neda
Mohamed Amied Neda, right, is thought to have jumped from the building like fellow resident Mohammed Al Haj Ali, left.

Mohamed Amied Neda, 57, is said to have tried to rescue his neighbours in Grenfell Tower before perishing himself.

His cause of death was multiple injuries suggesting he jumped from the building before succumbing to the flames.

He was reported missing after the fire and his family was also said to have been severely injured and in hospital.

Zia Popal, who described Mr Neda as his uncle, posted on Facebook: "He was on the top floor of the building trying to help (people) and went missing since."

  • Hamid Kani
Hamid Kani lived alone and struggled with his hearing, his family in Iran said. Credit: Met Police

The body of 60-year-old Hamid Kani from Iran was found on the 23rd floor.

His family had said he lived on the 15th floor but had no relatives in the the UK.

Mr Kani's niece, Maryam Shahvarani, said he lived alone, struggled with hearing problems and wore hearing aids.

An inquest was told Mr Kani died of injuries "consistent with the effects of fire".

  • Fathia Ahmed and children

Fathia Ahmed, 71 - thought also to be referred to as Fathiya Alsanousi - and son Abufars Ibrahim, 39, have been confirmed dead by authorities following the blaze.

There has been no official news on the fate of Esra Ibrahim, 35, who is thought to be her daughter.

  • Berkti and Biruk Haftom

Police have confirmed that Berkti Haftom, 29, died in the fire at Grenfell Tower after she was formally identified.

Her son Biruk, 12, has not been seen since the disaster.

  • Sheila Smith

Named as one of the oldest victims of the fire was 84-year-old Sheila, formerly known as Sheila Smith.

Her body was found on the 16th floor of the tower.

After the tragedy, Sheila's friend, Gary Allen, said he had known her for 20 years, and described her as a "truly beautiful person" and "love, pure and simple".

"We shared a great interest in history, Shakespeare, the Knights Templar, etcetera and she had a great spirituality about her," he said.

  • Vincent Chiejina

The body of the 60-year-old was recovered from the 17th floor and identified by his DNA.

His provisional cause of death was given as "consistent with the effects of fire".

  • Abufars Ibrahim

The 39-year-old was formally named as one of those killed in the blaze. He died from multiple injuries.

  • Abdeslam Sebbar

Abdeslam Sebbar's remains were found in a flat on the 11th floor.

The 67-year-old died from smoke fumes.

  • Steve Power

Steve Power, 63, died on the 15th floor of the tower, where he is thought to have lived.

Several family members have posted online speaking of their heartbreak at not being able to find him.

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