Devastated residents delivered warning letters day after Grenfell Tower fire

A distraught mother shows ITV Correspondent Paul Brand one of two letters delivered today Credit: ITV News

I spent several hours today talking to the people whose lives have been devastated by Grenfell.

I am just a bystander, an intruder on their grief and their frustration. But they spoke to me because they are angry.

What they want is answers.

Why did the fire happen in the first place, why have many of them not seen a single government official helping on the ground, and who is going to put their lives back together?

The letter TMO sent the day after the fire Credit: ITV News

Instead, what many of them got today - of all days - was a letter.

The two letters, dated Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th June (the day after the fire), were sent by the the Tenant Management Organisation - which looks after Grenfell Tower and the surrounding flats.

Residents say both letters were hand delivered on Friday.

The letters didn't offer sympathy or support. They both offered a warning. About anti-social behaviour. In particular, breaking rules about playing ball games on the local green and issues about dogs.

The fire at Grenfell Tower

The letter about ball games was directed to all residents, it did not discriminate between those who had witnessed terror on their doorstep, or those who had lost loved ones in the fire.

It reprimanded their children, including those still wide-eyed from a tragedy which nobody - especially the young - should ever have witnessed.

I have never seen anger like it. The people around Grenfell Tower already feel ignored and abandoned. Now, they feel insulted.

As we filmed, one woman ran over to us, thrusting one of the letters in front of her, shaking with anger. "That's what they sent us, that's what they gave us today" she shouted through gritted teeth.

The letter uncorked the frustration of the voiceless.

Those who feel nobody is listening to them, only talking at them. Letters, warnings, promises.

Where is their opportunity to speak up, to shout back, to ask for what they need?

We contacted Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation for a response, but we too failed to get any reply.

This is what the people of Grenfell Tower say they have faced for years. Silence is what the powerless have come to expect.

A conversation which only works one way.

For the residents, today's letter was just one insulting example of it.

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