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Queen and Prince William meet Grenfell Tower survivors

The Queen and Prince William visited a rest centre helping those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

The royals met emergency services, volunteers and local residents at Westway Sports Centre on Friday, not far from the charred remains of the 24-storey block in west London.

Her Majesty's visit came just three days after the disaster, which has so far claimed the lives of at least 30 people - though this number is expected to rise.

Many said they were comforted by the high-profile visit.

However, there was also anger amid a group of people outside the centre - some of whom were looking missing friends and family - after the royals did not stop to speak to them.

William promised to come back but said he could not stop to talk. Credit: ITV News

Prince William said he could not stop to talk but promised to come back.

After the royals left, some of the group said they felt their appeals had not been heard.

Anger was also clear in a message left on a wall of tributes, highlighting millions spent on Buckingham Palace while those in Grenfell Tower lacked alarms and sprinklers that could have saved lives.

A message left on the Grenfell Tower wall of messages. Credit: ITV News

Others, however, noted that the Queen had done what Prime Minister Theresa May had not by heading straight to talk to affected families.

The royal visit also came just an hour before Mrs May, under pressure for not visiting victims sooner, travelled to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital to speak with those caught up in the blaze.

During their 30-minute visit, the Queen and William were introduced to a number of people who had helped raise astonishing numbers of donations.

The Queen and Prince William visited a rest centre on Friday. Credit: PA

They were greeted by the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, with the shell of Grenfell Tower visible in the distance behind them.

William commented to one volunteer, who spoke about the fire: "Things like that you never want to see."

The pair were also seen meeting and greeting firefighters and police officers.

Her Majesty shakes hands with some firefighters. Credit: PA

The royal visit came as police announced the rising death toll.

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy confirmed the new figure of 30 - and said it included one person who had died in hospital.

Later on Friday, the Prime Minister arrived at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital to visit a number of those being treated for injuries sustained during the fire.

Mrs May had visited the site of the inferno on Thursday, but faced a backlash for not meeting those affected personally.

This stood in contrast to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was seen visiting a rest centre and hugging members of the public visibly distressed.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was also subjected to the wrath of angry locals when he visited people near to Grenfell Tower.

Theresa May visited Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

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