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Touching moment dad hears late daughter's heartbeat in chest of man whose life she saved

This is the touching moment a father heard his dead daughter's heart again - beating inside the chest of the man whose life she saved.

Bill Conner broke down in tears as he used a stethoscope to listen to Abbey's heart beat again inside Loumont Jack Jnr.

Tragically Abbey died aged just 20 in a freak drowning accident - but her organs saved the life of four men, including Jack.

"Abbey is inside of him, so she's alive," said Bill.

Abbey was just 20 when she died in a freak drowning accident on holiday in Mexico. Credit: Go Fund Me

Abbey and her brother were both found unconscious and face down in a swimming pool in Cancun, Mexico in January.

Her brother survived, but Abbey had already suffered irreversible brain damage and her life support was later switched off.

The college student's heart was then given to Jack, who was told he had just 10 days left to live when he got the call.

Jack told ITV's Good Morning Britain: "Abbey saved my life and there isn't a day goes by that I don't think about her. I feel very connected to her.

"I knew Bill wanted to hear his daughter's heart and that it would mean so much to him."

Abbey with her father and brother Austin. Credit: Go Fund Me

The pair met on Father's Day - Bill's first without Abbey.

"Abbey has always been the one to help people in need, so being there for Father's Day was one step for me to take forward.

"Obviously I'd rather have Abbey with me - but the second best thing that could have happened was Jack getting her heart.

"Jack's healthy, so there were two fathers who were able to have a day."

Jack was told he had just 10 days left to live after suffering a heart attack. Credit: Good Morning Britain

Despite losing his daughter, Bill is determined to turn his grief into something positive.

He is now cycling 2,600 miles across America from Wisconsin to Florida to encourage more people to donate their organs.

Bill has already raised more than $18,780 of his $30,000 (£23,000) target - and still has 800 miles to go.

Bill is cycling 2,600 miles across America. Credit: Good Morning Britain

"I knew I had to do something to honour my daughter," he said.

"My biggest fear was that this tragedy was not going to be recognised and that my daughter was going to be forgotten.

"I knew I had to get on my bike and do something to make sure the world knows about my daughter and to raise awareness of organ donation.

"We need to make sure Abbey's message gets out. There's somebody dying every hour and one donor can save eight lives."