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Shetland Pony gets a royal telling off from the Queen after trying to take a bite of her flowers

A Shetland Pony received a royal telling off from the Queen when he tried to take a bite out of her flowers at Stirling Castle in Scotland.

The Queen was met by a guard of honour, which included the pony Cruachan IV, before she entered the royal chapel for a short service yesterday.

It was then the pony tried to get a taste of the flowers - but the Queen was too quick for him, whipping them behind her back and telling him to “go away”.

She then patted him on the nose and said, “they always try to eat the flowers”.

The Queen was visiting Stirling Castle as she marked 70 years since being appointed Colonel-in-Chief of the Argyll and Sutherland regiment.

She had been presented the flowers as she arrived by two-year-old Lottie Dean.