Royal arrival in Berlin for the Cambridges and their children

Kate and William are heading to Germany today Credit: PA

It's taken a bit of logistical planning by our team but we are in Berlin this morning awaiting the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the second part of their European tour.

The most important bit about this job is that you have to be on location ahead of the royal party - otherwise you'll miss the pictures.

And Kensington Palace does like to get you in position well in advance (my blog when I started this role about so much waiting is turning out to be a very accurate reflection of how things roll with William and Kate).

Getting ahead of them when they are zipping across and then between countries is not easy.

So sleep was a rather short affair last night as we raced by train from Gdánsk to Warsaw and then set the alarm for a highly unsociable hour to fly from Warsaw to Berlin.

Berlin marks the start of the second stage and we are expecting an even bigger welcome from the Germans for the arrival of family Cambridge.

We will see them at the airport of course, when Prince George might show his nerves again as he did in Warsaw on Monday when he steps off the plane with Mum and Dad and his younger sister, Princess Charlotte.

Arriving in Poland Credit: PA

The first official engagement, however, is without the children.

The couple will go to meet the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel at her office.

I doubt the Duke and Duchess have had a direct briefing from Brexit Secretary David Davis, but everyone knows how important this meeting is - given the context of the on-going talks over the UK's divorce from the EU and the pivotal role Chancellor Merkel herself is likely play in those negotiations.

The first time the German people will get to see William and Kate will be when they arrive in front of Berlin's most famous landmark, Brandenburg Gate.

The Gate is a symbol of German unification and stands at the point which once divided West Berlin from Soviet controlled East Berlin.

It's in Pariser Platz in front of Brandenburg Gate where the crowds will be able to meet Prince William and Kate.

In Germany, there is a huge amount of interest in the British Royal Family.

German links: King George V with Queen Mary in 1912 Credit: PA

I wrote here on Monday about the historical ties with this country.

So associated was the British Royals with Germany 100 years ago, King George V suddenly changed the family name in July 1917 from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor.

But it's more than just ancestry.

The Queen and the modern day British Royals are a source of real interest and fascination here.

And having George and Charlotte in their country has already raised those interest levels several notches higher.

A day after what the couple said was a 'shattering' visit to the former Nazi death camp at Stutthof in Poland, the Duke and Duchess will tour the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

They will meet a survivor of the Holocaust and walk through the Memorial itself.

The Brandenburg Gate as it was in 1987 Credit: PA

And tonight, we are expecting more words from Prince William when he gives a speech to guests at the residence of the British Ambassador.

Expect more warm words - as he delivered in Poland - against the backdrop of Brexit.

But it's why the Foreign Office is very happy to push members of The Royal Family forward for these sorts of visits.

Tomorrow, there will be more travelling to get ahead of the tour party in Heidelberg.

And then to Hamburg on Friday.

Anyhow, before all of that, there is some more waiting to be done at the airport in Berlin.

So I'm just going to get back down to it.