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Jeremy Corbyn 'disgusted' over Arsenal owner's hunting channel

Stan Kroenke is facing fierce criticism for his 'blood sports' channel Credit: PA

The owner of Arsenal Football Club, Stan Kroenke, is facing fierce criticism after the UK launch of a TV service he also owns that shows hunting and 'blood sports'.

The Premier League club's biggest shareholder was publicly blasted on Tuesday following the weekend launch of his channel My Outdoor TV - a subscription channel which airs what it describes as "ethical, fair chase hunting".

Jeremy Corbyn, a Gunners fan, said he was "disgusted" and "appalled" that Mr Kroenke would be involved in a channel that promoted the "glorification of killing wild and rare animals".

The Labour leader added: "This is not sport. Kroenke should stick to football if he wants to be involved in sport.

"In my mind 'blood sport' is a contradiction and there should be no place on television or anywhere else for it."

Jeremy Corbyn and Ben Fogle have both raised concerns about the channel Credit: PA

Criticism against Mr Kroneke also came from environmentalist Ben Fogle who urged fans to boycott Arsenal football club.

Mr Fogle told ITV's Good Morning Britain: "My problem with this channel is that it glorifies hunting. With young people suddenly having access to the hunting of elephants out in Africa, whether people argue that this is legal or not, it’s unethical and I don’t think that we should be promoting this."

Philippa King, the chief operating officer of the League Against Cruel Sports, added it was "a massive own goal" for Mr Kroenke in choosing to launch "his sick TV channel" in the UK.

Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, who labelled American businessman Mr Kroneke “scum”, also called for Arsenal fans to take action against their club boss and encouraged them to drive him out.

He told The Independent: “I find it sickening that anyone could want to endanger these animals whatsoever, but for someone to turn it into a TV show for entertainment absolutely boils my blood."

My Outdoor TV is a platform run by Outdoor Sportsman Group, which is part of Mr Kroenke's company Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, claims to show "thousands of hunting, fishing and shooting episodes featuring the biggest names in outdoor TV" for £7.50 a month.