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South African MPs will hold secret vote in no-confidence motion in President Jacob Zuma

  • Video report by ITV News Africa Correspondent John Ray

South African MPs will vote in secret on a no confidence motion in President Jacob Zuma set for Tuesday, parliamentary speaker Baleka Mbete has announced.

If it succeeds then it could bring an end to Mr Zuma's eight-year presidency after growing protest over cronyism and corruption under his leadership.

Mr Zuma has survived a number of no-confidence votes before.

However, opponents hope the decision to hold a secret ballot may encourage MPs in the president's own African National Congress (ANC) to vote against him.

Baleka Mbete said MPs would be allowed to vote in confidence. Credit: AP

The motion, which was tabled by the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) party, would result in Zuma having to step down if passed.

It comes after South Africa's Constitutional Court ruled in June that the Parliament could hold a secret ballot on Zuma's leadership.

Opponents had pushed for MPs to be allowed to cast their votes in confidence, arguing that ANC MPs might be left fearful of publicly defying their party leader.

Street protests against Jacob Zuma. Credit: AP

The no-confidence motion must be backed by a majority of at least 201 MPs in the 400-strong National Assembly to succeed.

Currently, Mr Zuma's ANC holds 249 seats, meaning that 50 of his MPs would have to rebel in that scenario.

Though many in the party would be glad to see a new face as the leader, it is thought unlikely that the upcoming vote will reach the majority needed to force out Mr Zuma as President.