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'Do not look at the flash or fireball' - Guam issues advice for a potential North Korean nuclear strike

  • Video report by ITV News Senior International Correspondent John Irvine

The US territory of Guam has released advice for residents on how to protect themselves from a nuclear missile strike as the island finds itself at the centre of an escalating war of words between the US and North Korea.

Families were warned to prepare for an "imminent missile threat" in the four information leaflets released by Guam's Homeland Security department yesterday.

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The four leaflets were released after rogue nuclear state North Korea said it was preparing to shoot missiles into the sea just off Guam in retaliation to US threats over its missile programme.

Much of the leaflets deal with how protect yourself from radioactive particles which come from a nuclear attack.

They warn residents "Do not look at the flash or fireball – It can blind you" as part of the advice.

The advice adds: "Stay where you are, even if you are separated from your family. Inside is the safest place for all people in the impacted area. It can save your life."

Residents in Guam are increasingly concerned but not panicking. Credit: AP

The leaflets say residents should:

  • Consider the best nearby place to shelter in case of an attack
  • Make a plan with family members for a missile strike
  • Take shelter where possible before a blast
  • If caught outside, lie down and under anything that could offer protection
  • Plan to stay inside for at least 24 hours to avoid radiation
  • Do not try to find family members immediately after the blast

They echo official nuclear attack advice issued by the US at the height of the Cold War with Russia.

Residents in Guam are increasingly concerned over the heightened tensions but are not panicking.

The tiny island state, which hosts a major military base, has been the subject of threats from North Korea before.

However, relations between Washington and Pyongyang appear to have deteriorated to their lowest point in years after it appeared that Kim Jon-un's regime had seen a breakthrough in their illicit nuclear weapons programme.

Donald Trump has warned that any aggression from North Korea would be met with "fire and fury" and added that the US military was "locked and loaded".