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Man survives shooting himself in heart with nail gun

A man cheated death after accidentally shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun while working on his house.

Doug Bergeson, from Wisconsin, USA, calmly drove himself to hospital after the incident and walked into the emergency room to ask for help.

The 52-year-old was framing a fireplace when the gun fired, sending a nail ricocheting off some wood and into his chest.

"It didn't really hurt, it just felt like it kind of stung me and I looked down and I didn't see anything and I put my hand there and, like, that's not good," he said.

"When I saw it moving with my heart, it's like, I'm not going to get anything done today, I can see that already."

More annoyed than worried, he washed up, got into his truck and drove to his local medical centre, 10 minutes away.

Mr Bergeson asked a security guard for help and, after having X-rays, was taken to another hospital for treatment.

Doctors found the nail was only 1/16 of an inch from a major artery, but miraculously only left bruising and a hole.

Mr Bergeson spent two days in hospital and has been recovering at home.

"Must have had somebody watching over me because it was, it was close," he said.

"Accidents, they can happen so quickly and fortunately this one had a good ending."