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Model 'offered sum of money' after alleged Grace Mugabe assault

Gabriella Engels and Gerrie Nel Credit: AP

The model who has accused Grace Mugabe of assaulting her has rejected a "sum of money to settle", her lawyer alleged today.

Gerrie Nel, who secured Oscar Pistorius's murder conviction and is now representing alleged victim Gabriella Engels, said a "third party" had approached the family.

But he told how Ms Engels, who claims she was attacked by the first lady of Zimbabwe, is "interested in justice, not money".

Speaking at a press conference with Ms Engels, who had a huge plaster on her forehead, present, he said: "The more concerning thing is that the family has even been approached via a third party to accept an amount of money to settle this. And the family is not interested in doing that."

Mrs Mugabe, 52, requested diplomatic immunity on Wednesday over the incident which is alleged to have taken place in Johannesburg earlier this week.

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It came after Ms Engels posted a photo of a deep gash to her forehead which she said was inflicted by Mrs Mugabe as her bodyguards looked on.

She claimed that Mrs Mugabe had flown into a rage after discovering her in the company of two of her sons, Robert Peter Mugabe Jr. and Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe.

Mr Nel continued: "When we launched the office for prosecution, we made it clear that everybody should be, and everybody is, equal before the law and there should be no selective prosecutions and that's what we are about."

Grace and Robert Mugabe Credit: AP

He went on to criticise the police and the South African authorities for their lack of communication.

South African authorities are debating whether to grant Mrs Mugabe diplomatic immunity, which Zimbabwe's government has requested.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe flew into Pretoria with his entourage late Wednesday night, apparently to help his wife with the ongoing situation.